I love the Boy Scouts of America, as it has had a great influence on my life.  I want to improve it by encouraging them to embrace the opportunities of the digital age, specifically by providing advancement materials online.

I do not wish for this site to become a complaint or sound-off forum.  Here are the rules:

  1. Keep your comments positive and constructive.
  2. Scouts (minors) should not use personally identifiable information.  Protect yourselves.
  3. Be true to the Scout Oath and Law.  Only sign the petition once.
  4. I reserve the right to edit or delete anything.

3 thoughts on “Rules

  1. Ken Sprinkle

    My name is Ken Sprinkle and I’m an ASM at Troop 944 outside Washington, DC. I often referred scouts to your web site to retrieve scout manuals and regret the recent turn of events.

    I wanted to offer a suggestion: why not offer training materials here for MB Counselors to use for MB classroom training and for scouts to use for reference? I offer such materials on our troop web site (I’m the webmaster too). These have no copyright value and help make the job of MB counselors easier.


    Ken Sprinkle

    1. Walt Post author

      That is actually one of the things we want to do with the wiki. There are pages on the wiki for resources for Scouts and for Counselors. We would appreciate any contributions to the wiki you could provide.

  2. Ben F

    About the petition. This is absolutely true. The world that we currently live in is a world of technology and the Boy Scouts need to keep up to date with it. Hard copies a good to have but digital are more affordable to produce and far more easily edited for updated material.

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